sauce ramekin

Source: Unsplash

Marriott Hotels will continue to use our ketchup pump and ramekins to serve customers

This week we see signs of a ‘creep’ out of lockdown with the hospitality sector slowly reawakening – so we are delighted to wake up that area of our business too.

However, in such unusual times, businesses have been forced to make quick decisions: changing processes, products and supply chains to continue reaching their customers. Consumers too have been through a journey. Initially, consumption was based purely on necessity and availability, but now as choice returns, people are waking up again too and not simply buying out of convenience, fear or necessity, but making choices based on their wants and values.

As a brand, we believe the most valuable thing we have is our purpose. It’s the brands that know who they are and that can cultivate strong connections with their consumers that stand the test of time; the brands customers want rather than ‘need’. Therefore, we need to dare to be different and ensure short-term solutions remain aligned to our values.

While I appreciate it’s an incredibly uncertain time for any food business, sadly an area that has been deprioritised is sustainability – primarily in packaging. Brands who made commitments against single-use plastic are resorting back to it.

Looking at our world of condiments, we’ve seen a mass migration back to sachets as businesses focus on takeaways. However, as a company guided by an environmental mission (and with 11 billion sachets going to landfill each year) we have focused on finding creative solutions for our customers.

A brilliant example of this is the ‘Sachet Away’ campaign we launched in collaboration with Mac & Wild, where instead of a sachet, we offered to send their customers a bottle of ketchup for free if they didn’t have one at home already. Similarly, as Marriott Hotels open their doors again, they are creating new practices that support their sustainability commitments and keep guests safe. Rather than resorting to single-use sachets, they will continue to use our ketchup pump and ramekins to serve customers – offering a better consumer experience as a bonus.

Let’s be creative and bold in our choices and not lose sight of why we exist. Instead, let’s make choices that remain guided by our values for our planet and for our businesses.