Jonathan Fitchew

My thoughts in the past few weeks have strayed to change management. With the Queen’s recent illness, we have to face the sad inevitability that the monarchical baton will at some point be passed on. Combine this with the upcoming inauguration of Donald Trump, the passing of the reins of power, or even the reigns themselves, is a strong motif of January 2017.

Both examples represent unavoidable change. When the monarch changes, our currency, our national anthem and even our stamps will realign to suit. When Trump assumes office, presidential policy is sure to diverge. I’ve often overseen the management of change when transitioning staff and business practices. And inescapable change is not always negative - there is always a way to exert your influence, even when you may think all is lost.

As a manager, the one constant you can oversee is the culture of your business. When filling a vacant role, you’ll find viable candidates with the same skillset, but differing personalities. I have seen this in my business and across countless organisations. The backdrop of a healthy culture, one that is consistent with your business model, will help soothe any teething issues a staffing change brings.

Some changes within organisations present a departure in standard business practice, requiring staff to adapt quickly. Last year we overhauled our CRM system, which has greatly improved efficiency - but required some acclimatisation. The entrenched resistance some staff have to changes in their routine can be remedied more easily than you may think. Impart that any changes are effected only from the desire to achieve the same, overriding business goals. Remind your employees of this fact, and all concerns should be allayed.

Faces and methods will always change in the monarchy and the White House. What does not, however, is the emblem they carry. The same is applied within the business landscape - staff, employees and systems may change, but business motives do not. New staff and lifers should work in unison to ensure change is met progressively and effectively - each new avenue offering a fresh opportunity for business growth and efficiency. Expertly communicate this to your staff and you’ll find that change management becomes a relative breeze.