rubies in the rubble team at a trade show

Source: Rubies in the Rubble

The Rubies team stand out and liven up trade halls with their colourful sampling unit

Having been on the road for almost four weeks showcasing our wares and talking ‘gooder’ ketchup 24/7 (reiterating conversations in our sleep), we have had a lot of fun – though are now fairly hoarse!

I’ve never been a fan of trade shows. I’ve always viewed them as a time-consuming way of standing in a room with all your competitors and trying to talk to exhausted buyers.

But I might just be a convert! Being able to share your why, your brand story and your personality while a potential buyer interacts with your brand is hard to replicate efficiently outside the show environment.

The mistake I think I have made so many times in the past is in my investment and selection of the show. So here’s our take on making the most of a trade show…

  • Choose wisely: There are a lot of shows to choose from, so be very clear on your agenda and make sure you go to one that fits your strategy. At Rubies in the Rubble we are focused on foodservice. We have created a great offering for this sector, therefore our past four shows were all purely for foodservice customers.
  • Share your why: Whatever your why or mission as a business, share it in a tangible way. It could address another need for a customer. For example, by using surplus produce, we support customers with their sustainability goals. We also provide a very visual reflection of our values to consumers – our story is shared on our refillable, recyclable squeezy bottles or branded pumps. For the show, we created an interactive impact calculator. Customers could input their condiments volumes to see how much surplus fruit & veg and CO2 emissions they could save by switching to Rubies.
  • Stand out: A year or so ago, we created a fun sampling unit. When faced with strip lighting and a soulless exhibition hall, it’s surely one’s obligation to try to bring a little joy back into food events. So, with a new slap of paint, our sampling unit has been put to great use once again. It’s covered in bright, floating tomatoes and serves hot chips – so we are both very easy to spot and very inviting.

Find the show that suits your strategy, share your USP and showcase your brand in a fun, interactive way. Just one good new account will make all the time and cost worth it!