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We must get creative with the spaces we live in and think of the best ways to utilise newly freed-up commuting time

What a month! Nothing could prepare a small business for this. However, while worrying for everyone both financially and personally, we need to keep positive and focused on supporting one another.

We’ve had to immediately adjust our strategy as the lion’s share of our business comes from the out-of-home channel. We’re doing all we can to support our restaurant partners who are pivoting to a delivery model and putting our foot down on e-commerce and retail.

Having more time with my thoughts has led me to reflect on the foundations of Rubies in the Rubble: why we started and who we are, which at this time seems more relevant than ever.

When I first started researching food waste and developed the first jars of condiments made from surplus, I was set on creating a brand that at its core focused on celebrating what we have and making the most of our resources.

Putting these values into practice, we need to challenge each other to get creative with our resources and surroundings. With food, we need to make the most from what we have and ensure we are not letting any go to waste. We must also get creative with the spaces we live in and think of the best ways to utilise newly freed-up commuting time. As well as thinking of people around us who might be in need.

At Rubies in the Rubble, while we are working remotely, we are focused on keeping each other and the business healthy, energised and motivated. We have been proactive in keeping in touch and communicating as much as possible and we are working as efficiently as ever.

We have created virtual coffee and lunch breaks to help mitigate the feeling of loneliness - it’s amazing how a virtual cup of tea can lift spirits! We’ve also done screen shares for team workouts, circulated our favourite cookbooks, shared creative ways of using leftovers, and shared stories of people supporting each other in our local areas. The time I’ve got back from commuting has seen me gardening again!

The day to day must be as good as the end goal. While no one knows what’s to come, the only thing we can control is our response to situations. As a small brand, we encourage you to keep positive, supportive of one another and keep looking for the little rubies in the rubble.