big and small chocolate easter eggs

Easter symbolises different things for different people. For some, it heralds the end of abstinence; for others, new beginnings. As a business leader, I like to think it represents regeneration within a working context - the opportunity of a fresh start. The end of Q1 and the start of the new financial year combined.

The chocolate Easter egg market, in the UK alone, is worth over £200m. I was startled by the figure, but as the new quarter gathers pace and the year ripens, you may be surprised at where commercial opportunities arise from. Like any national holiday, companies across all industries piggyback on Easter. Yes, take advantage of holidays, but don’t lose sight of the importance of a dedicated approach year round.

It’s important at the start of any quarter to ensure you reflect on the close of the previous one. I have too often seen the mistakes of one quarter bleed into the next. Compiling an honest list of opportunities missed and errors made will help improve your performance, whatever business you’re in. Here are a couple of tips to help rectify any missteps you may have made.

There are many crosses to bear when it comes to lead generation. Whether you’re following up on previously ascertained interest or pursuing a fresh opportunity, it may be difficult to keep up with the unremitting chase. When I was starting out in my career, I broke down my KPIs further into more granular, immediately achievable targets. For those that have weekly, or even daily call targets, setting personal hourly or bi-hourly targets will help you keep composure. This method isn’t limited to the B2B or B2C spheres - it’s a valuable technique that can be deployed whatever your industry, role or experience.

If you’re client-facing, don’t make the mistake of walking on eggshells around your customers. If you’ve got disappointing news, don’t deliver it in a throwaway email. Be brave and break it to them face to face, or at the very least pick up the phone. They’ll respect your forwardness - and integrity is a currency of premium value in any business, not just the world of sales and recruitment I inhabit.

Rising to the occasion is not a question of context, but one of attitude. Hatching your own approach, rather than overthinking market conditions, should be your priority this Easter.

Jonathan Fitchew is CEO at Pareto Law