Müller has teamed up with big-name Hollywood animators including Warner Bros and Universal Studios to launch a new £20m ad campaign starring a host of famous cartoon characters.

Yogi bear, KITT from Knight Rider, Muttley from TV’s Whacky Races and several Mister Men and Little Miss characters will star in the campaign, entitled Wünderful Stuff.

A 90-second ad will debut during Saturday’s instalment of The X-Factor on ITV. It will appear on more than 50 channels in total.

“We take plain stuff [yoghurt] and stir in something wonderful,” said marketing director Lee Rolston. “We want to make Müller stand for something ‘wünderful’ because that’s what we haven’t done in the past.”

The ad will also run in cinemas and Müller has booked the UK’s biggest outdoor ad space – at London’s Cromwell Road, Europe’s busiest A-road. The ad will also be displayed on Müller’s 150-strong fleet of lorries and at poster sites across the country.

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