The cooked breakfast is experiencing a renaissance. Over the past six months, Brits served up elements of the classic Full Monty - such as eggs, bacon , sausages and beans - on 142.4 million more occasions than they did a year earlier [Kantar Worldpanel 28 w/e 25 May]. That’s an uplift of 9.8%.

These figures will surprise many. The 1.8% rise in baked beans’ appearance at breakfast, for example, defies the category’s 1.7% value decline, on volumes down 0.6% in the past year [Kantar 52 w/e 27 April]. More fundamentally, the resurgence of cooked items contradicts received wisdom that fewer of us eat a proper breakfast at home these days.

So what’s going on? What are the trends driving more consumers to cook at breakfast, and where does this leave on-the-go options and the traditional breakfast toast?

Look no further for exclusive, accurate data and analysis. Our report examines how cereals are suffering whilst eggs are on the rise, covering the traditional fry-up’s surge in popularity and groundbreaking new product development in the category.

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