Cleansers experienced a setback in 2010, with poor sales of medicated facial cleansers. Anti-ageing products declined in both value and volume.

Facial moisturisers enjoyed volume growth of 7.4% but heavy promotions held back value growth, which was up 1.6%.

Own label had a poor year, due partly to the failure to match a very successful 2009, but own-label cleansers showed strong year-on-year growth.

Sun protection, which accounts for 76% of all suncare sales, was the only sub-category to see value growth in 2010, of 2.6%, but this was down to price rises. Volumes were down 2.8%. Boots further increased the sales of its own range Boots Soltan which account for one fifth of UK sun protection sales.

Artificial and gradual tan products are losing value year-on-year, as many shoppers now prefer to go to salons.

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