Our kids skipped breakfast at home on 40 million occasions last year. So can the meal be revived as the most important of the day?

Focus on breakfast

Ten minutes extra in bed or breakfast downstairs? Brits are increasingly plumping for the former - and when they are having breakfast, they’re fuelling up on the way to work or having a ‘deskfast’ once they’re there.

It’s not just adult consumption patterns that are changing. Our kids are skipping breakfast too - and their consumption is declining at a faster rate. The latest data from Kantar Worldpanel shows a 0.6% decline in overall breakfast occasions throughout Britain. But for children - by far the meal’s biggest consumer group, having tucked into more than a fifth of the 16.5 billion breakfasts served up in British homes last year - consumption was down 1.1%.

Our special report canvasses expert opinion and calls on exclusive data; studies the rise of the breakfast bar; explores the trials and tribulations of the UK’s biggest cereal brands; looks at the market for adult cereal brands; and assesses the impact of promotions and advertising across the category.

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