Cocktail culture was once an oxymoron. But there’s not a miniature umbrella or glacé cherry in sight, as the Orgasms and Death Spasms pedalled by Tom Cruise in the 1988 movie Cocktails have given way to sophisticated drinks inspired by more distant eras and more exotic lands. With an added twist of modernity Edwardian Gin Fizzes with Earl Grey tea, Mezcal or Pisco Sours and concoctions containing an array of specialist bitters are today the toast of Shoreditch.

Now many want to recreate their nights out on nights in. Granted, it will be a while before Pomelo & Yuzu Bitters figure large in the BWS aisles, but the trend has helped drive 4.9% value growth in supermarket spirits sales [Kantar Worldpanel 52 w/e 9 June], outpacing the increase in the rate of duty.

Our special report on the spirits category canvasses expert opinion and harnesses exclusive data; studies the varying performances of leading cocktail brands; looks at the progress of the ready-to-drink market; examines the apparent shift in preference for quality over quantity; and probes the rise of the cocktails-at-home culture.

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