Hot desserts aren’t that hot anymore. We’re not talking temperature, we’re talking sales. The overall value of the market cooled by 7% this year and the decline was even steeper for sponge pudding, pies and tarts, rice pudding, soufflés and bread and butter pudding.

It’s in stark contrast to last year, when Brits went retro in the pudding department, sending value sales of traditional desserts up by 1.6% year on year [Kantar Worldpanel 52 w/e 9 June 2013].

Suppliers now need to think outside the traditional can to boost sales - how can they give their products the makeover they need to excite consumers again?

Look no further for information, statistics and detailed analysis. The Grocer’s exclusive report examines the recent rise and fall of hot desserts, asks if brand makeovers are enough to stimulate interest and looks at NPD within the category.

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