dog eating at table

Chicken with mango, venison deli sausages, lamb and rosemary terrine. No, you are not sampling the taster menu at a high-end restaurant. These are the latest offerings on the market for fancy felines and posh pooches. 

Petcare is handling today’s difficult grocery market like a walk in the park. Total petfood sales including treats are up 3.3% to £2.5bn on volumes up 1.2% [Kantar 52 w/e 19 July 2015]. 

“Petfood is an unusual category in that shoppers do not like to trade down to inferior quality products, even when times are tough,” says Purina market development organisation director Liz Wood. “Our research suggests that while 10% of cat owners and 11% of dog owners say they have traded down to buy cheaper petfood, these numbers are outweighed by the 18% of cat owners and 24% of dog owners who say they have traded up to more expensive foods [Millward Brown July 2015].”

Almost 37% [Kantar] of the British population owns a cat, dog or both, which translates into 11 million shoppers - and many are choosing the premium option for feeding their pets. “The strong emotional connection that exists between people and animals justifies the extra expense,” says Kate Fischer, packaging specialist at Sun Branding Solutions. “Aspiration comes into play here too. Who doesn’t want their dog to look as gleeful as the one on the pack?”