Cellar Trends is to double its portfolio with a deal to handle brands on behalf of Campari and Morrison Bowmore - the whisky company owned by Suntory.

The independent spirits distributor will take on UK responsibility for the Campari and Aperol aperitif brands, Cinzano vermouth, Skyy vodka and Glen Grant whisky from 16 July.

The Bowmore and Auchentoshan single malts, plus Midori liqueur will join from Morrison Bowmore.

All the brands are currently distributed through Fior Brands, a Stirling-based 50-50 joint venture between Morrison Bowmore and Campari that employs 20 people. Morrison Bowmore chief executive Mike Keiller said Fior Brands would close, but it was hoped some staff would transfer to Cellar Trends.

He added: "We hope it will mean enlarged resources behind the development of all brands. The cost of running our own operation has been too high against the speed of growth of the business."