Strawberry coco pops

Source: Kellogg’s

The NPD contains 30% less sugar than other chocolate cereals on the market

Kellogg’s has added a limited-edition Strawberry & White Choc flavour to its Coco Pops range.

The new SKU, which combines “juicy” strawberry and white chocolate flavours, will hit the mults on Friday 12 February for a limited period of 12 months (rsp: £2.99/480g).

It is said to contain 30% less sugar than other chocolate flavoured cereals on the market, and no artificial colours or flavours.

It also promises to turn milk pink, guaranteeing a “splash of colour” at breakfast time, said Kellogg’s.

The brand’s activation brand manager Harriet Oakes said the NPD took over 50 recipe trials to perfect, ensuring that the product achieved “the tastiest mix of strawberry and white chocolate that turned the milk perfect pink”.

The NPD follows the launch of White Choc Coco Pops in 2019, which Kellogg’s said sold more than three million boxes in the first six months after launch.