Technical issues on Black Friday that resulted in customers missing out on deals prompted Approved Food to launch a new fixture in its calendar – White Wednesday.

Dan Cluderay, founder of the online retailer that specialises in short-dated product, said the company was inundated with comments from loyal customers who could not access its website last Friday because of the web traffic Black Friday generated.

It decided to launch White Wednesday so customers could take advantage of the deals that had been previously on offer.

Nouvelle toilet rolls proved the most popular item, with more than 10,000 units shipped across the UK.

“White Wednesday was a huge success, with consumers making the most of bargains, including multipacks of branded toilet rolls and dishwasher tables all sold for 1p,” Cluderay said.

“We decided to launch our very own White Wednesday with deals specifically targeted at those wanting to top up on household staples ahead of Christmas.”

He said the offers on Black Friday, and subsequently White Wednesday, were subsidised from the company’s promotional budget in “line with customers’ expectations across the year”.

He said Approved Food was built on the premise of “great value at great convenience” for customers .

“All retailers, and indeed the industry, should think more about a sustained year-round value and convenience offer for customers - rather than one off days. It will mean good business all round,” he said.

Whether Approved Food’s new creation joins Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the wider retail vernacular is a moot point, but the company said its new calendar fixture proved its most successful day of sales since its launch in 2008 with half a million deals viewed – 100% up on the average day.

The company has scheduled a repeat next year, on 2 December.