Producer: Reece’s Creamery (Milk Link)
Launched: 2011
Region: Cheshire

What’s your story? “Reece’s Creamery was established in Cheshire in 1886 and to celebrate our 125th anniversary, we have created some cheeses to reflect the true taste of Cheshire,” says senior product manager Susann Winzer. “Chester Rose is made to a traditional Red Leicester recipe, cloth-bound and matured for at least six months.”

Why is your cheese a regional gem? “All our cheeses are traditionally made in Cheshire from Cheshire milk. Chester Rose was named after its rich russet colour and the historic city of Chester, which is located in Cheshire - only 15 miles from Reece’s Creamery.”

The Grocer says: This is just such a good-looking cheese - and very tasty it is too! Coloured cheeses can so often end up looking a bit garish, so the more muted rose tones of Chester Rose make for a refreshing change. The cheese is currently wholesale only but will launch into Tesco stores in Shropshire and Cheshire in October. We can’t imagine it will be long before further, national listings follow.