Schwan's Chicago Town pizza brand has been available in the UK since 1992, while its Freschetta pizza brand made a big impact on the market when it arrived in 1999. What are they? Chicago Town are deep dish pizzas, Freschetta are bake and rise pizzas. The company says Chicago Town has gone from strength to strength and, according to ACNielsen, it is the 47th biggest grocery brand in the UK, bigger than Kellogg's Corn Flakes and Weetabix. The brand has more than a 20% share, by value, of the frozen pizza market while Freschetta accounts for 8%. Freschetta's target consumers are families while Chicago Town is aimed at time-poor shoppers and families. Marketing activity for the brand this year has included a £2m television ad campaign, and in-store promotions. Launches this year have included Chicago Town Scrambles, two mini breakfasts that can be microwaved or baked, and two Limited Edition Chicago Town variants. HEINZ PIZZA PLEASURE The brand was relaunched in April, after a September debut, in a bid to revitalise sales. What is it? A range of deep dish, restaurant-style pizzas aimed at adults and older children in five variants: ultimate pepperoni feast, fire roasted vegetables, cheese supreme, supreme and Hawaiian. Launch support was £10m and this month it began TV sponsorship on Channel 5. PIZZA RISTORANTE Launched in March by German manufacturer Dr Oetker after a nine-month test market in the Borders region. What is it? A pizzeria-style range of thin and crispy pizza in four core flavours ­ mozzarella, speciale, funghi and Hawaii. A further four flavours are due to be added. The company says packaging is the brand's key point of difference because it allows consumers to see more of the product which encourages trial. Dr Oetker's ambition for the brand is to push Green Isle's Goodfella's brand off the top spot in the thin and crispy sector. The launch is being supported by a £5m marketing package which includes a television campaign directed at adults. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}