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    Milk price wars: Battle of the bottle enters new phase


    Retailers with dedicated milk pools have paid an extra £500m for their milk over the past five years. But now they are asking tough questions

  • Cheese
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    Record spring flush to push down cheese prices


    Tuesday (1 April) sees the start of the new quota year, and by all accounts it’s going to start with a bang…

  • Save British Dairy Farms
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    SOS Dairy! Plus ça change...


    The SOS Dairy campaign reversed farm price cuts in 2012, but did it have a lasting impact on shopper and retailer behaviour?

  • Consolidation
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    Dairy consolidation: for sale and wanted


    In the wake of the Müller-Wiseman and Arla-Milk Link deals, hunger to secure big milk fields is as strong as ever

  • News

    Dairy Crest stands firm on Cheddar promotions


    A defiant Dairy Crest has vowed to continue with its aggressive marketing strategy for Cathedral City and said it would 'not be out-promoted by anybody', despite other Cheddar brands warning the category needed to rethink its approach to...


    Indie stores alerted over a mystery dairy supplier


    Independent shop owners in the Midlands have been put on alert by their dairy suppliers after an unknown supplier started targeting stores with offers of discount milk, bread and eggs. Over the past few weeks, hundreds of independents and...

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    Cambridgeshire could get a super-dairy too


    Despite opposition from pressure groups, interest in super-dairies shows no signs of abating with news this week that a new large-scale operation is planned. This week, farmer David Alvis revealed that he is looking to set up a 2,000 to...

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    Meat plants face ‘covert surveillance’ by activists


    Abattoirs and food businesses involved in meat supply are being warned to be alert to 'covert invasion' by anti-meat campaigners after an attempt to prosecute three slaughtermen was dropped by Defra.The three men were initially suspended...

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    Dairy futures market to begin trading in autumn


    Europe's first futures market for dairy products is set for a September launch, the trading company behind it has announced. Developer NYSE Euronext hopes the trading platform, designed to iron out price volatility, will go live in...

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    New feed offers greener milk with lower satfats


    A new cattle feed has been launched that its makers claim will slash the satfat content and carbon footprint of dairy products and "revolutionise" the dairy industry.Lintec, which is already used extensively on the Continent, was...

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    QC claims judge ‘favoured JN’ in milk invoice trial


    The JN Dairies vs Johal Dairies milk invoice theft case has taken another extraordinary twist with accusations of "favouring witnesses" amid allegations of "kidnapping, death threats, intimidation and bribes".After a two-day hearing at...

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    Milk invoice theft plot exposed in High Court


    Johal Dairies orchestrated the theft of a rival's confidential invoicing data and used it to poach customers with the offer of free milk, a court judge has ruled.In a High Court case last week that sheds light on the fiercely competitive...

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    Arla loses key legal fight over milk supply contract


    Arla Foods has lost a crucial legal case after it accused a farmer of reneging on his supply contract.Arla had accused dairy farmer David Barnes, of Withgill Farm in Lancashire, of breaking his contract by failing to ensure contractual...

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    Milk retail price hike to offset production costs


    The retail price of milk has risen this week as supermarkets reacted to higher farmgate production costs. The big four have all increased their milk prices in the past seven days from £1.44 to £1.53 for four pints – the first rise since May. The...

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    Cheese price pushed up 10% by multiples


    The retail price of cheese has risen by nearly 10% over the past week as supermarkets claimed they were responding to farmers’ calls for higher returns. Asda was the first to put up the price of 250g of own-label English mild white Cheddar by 9% to...

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    Turnover at the Island Cheese Company on the Isle of Arran has tripled over five years as proprietor Gordon Kinniburgh discovers new markets I bought the company, which was founded in 1991, five years ago. We make flavoured Cheddars that...

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    Dairy Crest restarts Clover promotions


    Dairy Crest will launch a TV ad campaign to promote Clover butter as the brand aims to recover from a contamination crisis last year. Two million Clover tubs were recalled last May when mould was found in the products. The company blamed...

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    Consumers pick local produce over organic


    Regionally produced dairy products are now more popular than organic among shoppers, new research by farmer co-operative First Milk has indicated. Many consumers are unsure of the true meaning of organic, while the 'local' message was one...

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    There's a storm brewing in the fresh food aisles of Britain's supermarkets. Prices of British organic food must rise significantly and quickly if the sector is to head off a looming domestic supply crisis in milk and meat. New Year's Day...

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    Milk co-ops welcome OFT merger approval


    First Milk and Milk Link have welcomed the Office of Fair Trading's decision not to refer their merger plans to competition authorities - effectively giving it the green light. Having looked at territorial, milk supply, cheese production...

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