Chupa Chups owner Perfetti Van Melle believes its youthful brand appeal can sweeten the troubled gum confectionery market with NPD.

PvM is introducing the first Chupa Chups bubblegum range, which will include six-piece packs of Big Babol Bubblegum (rsp: 27p), Bubbly Cotton Candy (rsp: 35p) and Bubblegum lollipops (rsp: 15p). In chewing gum, PvM is also taking Mentos Gum into handy stick packs in four flavours (rsp: 35p).

Sales of gum confectionery had sunk 12% to £85m over the past year with volumes plummeting 15% [Kantar Worldpanel January 24 2010] and the category required more youth appeal, said Aimee Reason, junior brand manager for Chupa Chups. She expected Mentos's core teen audience to buy into the NPD and boost sales in the chewing gum market.

The NPD rolls out over the next few months.