Cinzano, the brand made famous by ads starring Reggie Perrin actor Leonard Rossiter and small screen icon Joan Collins, is bringing out its first brand extension in 144 years.

The wine-based drink, called Spritzz Up, is aimed at the RTD fixture rather than the Cinzano brand's traditional vermouth homeland. Even though it requires a mixer, the company believes its target consumer shops by occasion rather than category.

Cinzano's definitive advertising campaign starred Rossiter as a pretentious fool who regularly managed to pour Cinzano over the more sophisticated Collins. It helped boost the brand in the 1970s and 80s but sales have declined as interest in vermouth

has waned. The Spritzz Up launch is part of a strategy to diversify and introduce the brand to a new generation of UK drinkers.

"Spritzz Up is a hugely innovative product in an entirely new category," said Karen Crowley, UK marketing manager. "We've done our research and believe there's an opportunity for a wine-based drink that you mix at home with lemonade or tonic over ice. Spritzz Up offers a high quality alternative to RTDs or alcopops with a more accessible taste than conventional wine." Made from a blend of Italian wines, which are slightly fortified and mixed with herbs and spices, Spritzz Up is 14.5% abv before mixing and comes in 75cl bottles, each with an rsp of £5.99. One bottle makes up to seven drinks.

Already listed in Tesco, Threshers and Budgens, the two flavours - Fruity White and Cheeky Red - are aimed at women aged 18 to 30, a positioning reinforced by the advertising strapline 'Girls get ready to'.

Support from next month until November, includes a competition to win £10,000 worth of high street fashion vouchers.

The Cinzano brand is marketed and distributed in the UK by Fior Brands, jointly owned by Morrison Bowmore Distillers and Campari International.