Expert's verdict...15/25

?This range consists of four pre-mixed all-time bar favourites. The first thing that grabs me is the reassuring presence of market leaders Gordon's gin, Smirnoff vodka and Morgan's Spiced rum within the blends. Delivery on shelf is great for the white spirits but rather muted for the dark ones, which has dulled shelf presence. The mixes are variable. The white spirit-based ones are honest, with freshness and flavour to boot. But the dark spirit-based drinks are let down by cheap cola additions, making them taste too sweet and syrupy.

Jonathan Butt, head of global sourcing, Thresher Group

Consumer's verdict...20/25

?Although this range is primarily aimed at women, I do enjoy this kind of tipple. The first thing I noticed was the popular brands that have been used as mixers - always a good start. They tasted a bit too sweet and were not as fizzy as I expected. But the brands used meant the taste was much better than that of similar offerings. I would buy them again, particularly as they are quite cost-effective.

Jakob Jensen, accountant, Glasgow

Overall verdict...35/50

Archers vea

Company: Diageo

Launch Price : £1.49

Today's Price: £1.49

Acid test verdict: 32/50

With its reduced sugar levels, Archers Vea aimed to attract the interest of calorie-conscious females. However, launched into an already crowded and declining RTD market, it was never going to be an easy ride for the Diageo brand. According to the company, the offering has delivered 80% incremental sales for total Archers RTDs since launch. But the company admitted that, while it is still selling Archers Vea, "investment and focus are primarily on driving innovations with ongoing support for its established RTDs". Perhaps the Archers brand extension proved one too many for consumers?