Coca-Cola is splashing a liberal £30m all over poster sites and TV ad slots in a major advertising blitz for its five core brands. The marketing push for Coke kicked off at the weekend, the first TV and cinema advertising support the brand has had this year. Coke has abandoned its previous Enjoy' strapline in favour of a new global strategy based around Life tastes good'. The thrust of the ads, according to Coke, is "people telling stories about their lives and in which Coke is part of the small and big moments that make life special". The brand is also claiming to be running "the largest outdoor poster campaign this year in Britain". The campaign for Diet Coke broke on Wednesday (April 25) ­ with the first of a series of three female oriented ads ­ and runs until the end of September. The first advertising support for Alive ­ the new fruit drink targeted at teens ­ breaks on May 4 and runs until September. The drink, which has been developed for the UK market, is currently available in c-stores. A new campaign created specifically for the UK begins on May 4 for Dr Pepper. The ads feature teenagers in embarrassing situations and carry the theme What's the worst that can happen'? These ads are intended to build on the To try it is to love it' brand positioning. Finally, for Fanta, a Fanta Best Mates Challenge' launches on May 1 with the aim of finding teenage stars of future Fanta commercials. {{MARKETING - P&P }}