Jean-Christophe Novelli is exploring further retail channels with the launch this month of a coffee bearing his name.
The high-grade restaurant quality espresso and cafetière coffee has been specially created by the French chef.
The espresso is described as a rich coffee with a dark caramel twist, with the cafetière blend full-bodied with a fruity mellowness. Both come in 125g resealable tins.
The coffee is produced by Italian company Musetti.
Novelli, a self-confessed coffee addict, told The Grocer: “I have had more coffee than hot meals. A good cup of a coffee has an enormous psychological effect. I like the smell and the colour as well as the taste. It is important to get it right.”
Novelli entered retail last November with a range of cooking sauces, and said he was keen to lend his face to other categories such as ice cream.
It is hoped the coffee will gain listings in all the major multiples in time for Christmas.