Resealable cans, a new grip bottle and smaller formats are all currently being trialled by Coca-Cola in a bid to double the value of its Coke portfolio in Europe by 2015, The Grocer can reveal.

The resealable can is currently on trial in the Channel Islands and taps into the consumer trend in the UK for resealable bottle formats. The concept, which involves a swivelling disk around the hole, has been in development for several years and there is a five-year patent on the design.

Coca-Cola Enterprises confirmed to The Grocer it was looking to bring the new can to the UK. "This is certainly something we would research for the UK should the results be positive," said Kenny Chisholm, shopper marketing manager for CCE. "The trend in this market is towards our resealable 500ml PET bottles, but we constantly consider innovations that could add value in the UK."

The new grip bottles, which are hitting shelves in Europe now, have developed in line with the consumer trend for functional packaging and to "modernises the iconic Coke-bottle shape," said Mike Gambel, director, EU innovation, design and development, adding that CCE was also looking at changing the cap in the near future, with potential for a sports cap.

Meanwhile, smaller formats such as the 25cl orange-shaped Fanta bottles and football-shaped Coke bottles would be rolled out in a bid to help consumers control portion size.

The new innovations were a way for the business to drive value, as consumers were willing to pay a premium for the formats, CCE said, adding that it planned to concentrate on Diet Coke and Minute Maid in the UK to tap into the health trend.

Further acquisitions were likely as it looked to drive non-Coke ranges, the company said. Greener packaging such as bio-plastics as well as energy efficient and solar-powered chillers were all in development or on trial, Gambel added.