Asda put on a spurt last week and its rise in the chart has continued to improve this week, taking it to the top.
Safeway also moves up the chart to take the number two spot, focusing mainly on price promotions.
Morrisons and Tesco move down the chart while Sainsbury and Somerfield remain in the same positions as last week.
Pancake day is promoted in every retailer with a multitude of flour brands on offer along with sugar and syrup.
In conjunction with this, Jif Lemon appears and ranks just outside the top 10 brands for this week.
Drinks are all the rage in the category chart with soft drinks moving up two places to come in at number one, while alcoholic drinks continues at number two.
Alcoholic drinks holds its position, with a wide variety of lagers and beers particularly on promotion.
Household continues to move up the chart and features mainly on gondola ends.
Coca-Cola shoots up the chart from number eight to come in at the top and this, along with Fanta which moves up one place to number five, helps to support the soft drinks category. Overall four brands move up, three move down, there are two non-movers and one new entry, Mars, which comes in at number seven.
In the own label category chart it is all change.
Household moves up two places to number one, forcing frozen and world cuisine down by one place.
There are two new entries, alcoholic drinks and health and beauty which come in at numbers four and five respectively.