Fayrefield Foods has extended its overarching Collier's brand beyond Collier's Powerful Welsh Cheddar for the first time by quietly launching a new variant, Collier's Mature Celtic Cheddar.

Until now, the dairy ­giant only sold Collier's Powerful Welsh Cheddar a vintage Cheddar in block and grated formats and block butter under the Collier's name.

Collier's Powerful Welsh Cheddar became the victim of a branded Cheddar category range review in March this year when it was delisted by Sainsbury's. But the company launched a new Collier's Mature Celtic Cheddar into Asda stores in both a 380g block and a 400g grated pack last month, it has emerged.

Unlike its Powerful Welsh sister brand, which contains only Welsh Cheddar, Mature Celtic is sourced from Welsh and non-Welsh creameries. Also, Collier's Mature Celtic is wrapped in maroon-coloured plastic, in contrast to the distinctive black packaging used by Powerful Welsh Cheddar.

The Celtic block was originally priced at £3 when it launched in Asda, but the base price was reduced to £2.50 on 4 September. The grated variant went on sale at £3 and remains at that price [BrandView.co.uk]. Mature Celtic Cheddar is currently sold only in Asda stores.

The extension of the Collier's brand is the latest in a string of new products entering the competitive branded Cheddar category as the country's biggest cheese producers vie for a greater share of the retail fixture by expanding their portfolios.

In January, Milk Link under licence from Unilever started churning out I Can't Believe It's Not Cheddar. In February, Kerrygold Cheddar made its UK debut and in July, First Milk added a mild variant to its The Lake District Cheese Co brand, exclusive to Tesco.

In terms of future NPD, Milk Link applied last month to trademark Tongue Tingler and Old Wallop, which it confirmed were "potential concepts for a cheese brand".