This week has seen the rollout of the remaining grocery products in our new Everyday Value range, a key part of our plan to build a better Tesco with better quality ranges.

Making sure we have a strong range of quality, low priced options is more important than ever before. Shoppers’ needs have changed: they want more from a low-cost brand.

Our talks with customers highlighted the need for a better budget range. We carried out extensive and in-depth research and listened carefully to what they told us. Everyday Value is the result - a brand that tastes better, looks better and is healthier - at the same great price.

The way customers shop budget ranges has also changed. People don’t tend to buy from just one brand they buy from a broad range of products to help balance their family budgets - saving on some items, indulging in others. As shopping budgets are stretched, we see customers being increasingly savvy when it comes to saving money.

It is this theme that our new campaign for Everyday Value follows. The TV ad made its debut on Wednesday during ITV’s British Soap Awards and aims to demonstrate that the new range can be a part of everyone’s basket, whatever their budget. It reassures customers that Everyday Value can balance the cost of their shopping and they can still enjoy great quality at a great price. We want our customers to feel they are buying these products through choice, not necessity.

Crucially, the campaign also reassures customers that the significant improvements we have made to the quality of Everyday Value products come at no extra cost. Like all our own-label products, the new range contains no MSG, no hydrogenated fats, no artificial flavours or colours and no GM ingredients. But it does contain more of the things customers tell us they want, such as 100% fish fillet in Everyday Value fish fingers, cornflakes fortified with vitamins and iron and Everyday Value teabags re-blended to improve the flavour.

The new range caters for customers who want healthier options and also supports British produce. Everyday Value mince has a lower fat content than the old Value version, the tinned fruit comes in fruit juice instead of syrup as the new fruit harvest comes in from June, while tinned peas, beetroot and carrots will be 100% British. British flour will also be used in bakery products.

Since the first products arrived in store earlier this month, customer feedback has been extremely positive. The softer, more colourful Everyday Value branding is much more popular. Improvements to the packaging such as easy-open, easy-pour and resealable bags, are appreciated. And the improvements in quality, whether that is more chocolate in our Everyday Value digestive biscuits or more apples in our apple sauce, have all been well received by customers.

Tesco was the first supermarket to launch a value range back in 1993, but now, almost 20 years on, Everyday Value is for today’s customers. Whatever the dish, Tesco Everyday Value is just that - a great everyday option for customers offering choice and quality, which is brilliant value.