Egg yolk powder prices remain significantly higher than the same period in 2017 as the market recovers from the fipronil scandal. Prices are dropping from the heights reached in November and December 2017, but many buyers are holding off for further falls before entering into supply contracts.

Milk production is down 2% on last year due to poor weather conditions in Q1, with tight supply seeing butter prices reach a seasonal high.

Demand between EU countries for whole milk powder is steady and supplies readily available, leaving prices relatively flat. But as Oceanic countries near the end of their season, demand there is increasing, supporting EU price points.

Skimmed milk powder took a recent upturn in price m-o-m due to a significant sale of 24,066 tonnes in the April tender. A further 115,112 tonnes have been made available for May to meet increased demand.

DairyPrice in GBP per tonnem-o-m %y-o-y %
Egg yolk powder (EU) 6053 -3.10% 49.60%
Butter (UK) 4875 4.00% 15.40%
Milk (UK) 278.1 -1.70% 6.00%
WMP (EU) 2330 1.20% 0.70%
Cheddar (UK) 2927 0.00% -0.80%
Shell eggs (UK) 1057 2.50% -3.10%
Egg white liquid (EU) 428.3 -11.80% -4.30%
Shell eggs, for processing (EU) 616.38 -1.80% -8.30%
Whey powder (EU) 666 2.00% -19.80%
SMP (EU) 1176 2.30% -21.00%