Plastic packaging

Plastic prices have increased slightly in the UK but most are stabilising now after hitting a high earlier this year. Plant outages in Europe have been resolved so supply is now back to normal; lower seasonal demand has also contributed to more balanced market conditions. PET prices have seen the most notable drop - down 12.5% year on year, while HDPE prices remain 11.1% up on last year’s levels.

Polypropylene buyers have stopped purchasing, hoping the price will fall further in the future as additional capacity was announced. Polystyrene prices have fallen due to increased imports from Asia.

Kraftliner prices were hit by the appreciation of the US dollar against the euro, and are down 5.7% year on year.

UK cartonboard prices edged up 0.4% month on month as global NBSK shipments fell 1.6% year on year to 1.86 million tonnes. Softwood pulp inventories have remained stable month on month.