Lettuce prices have risen in the UK, due to lower supplies from Spain. Frosts in major producing regions hampered supplies at the start of January. Tomato prices are also up due to lower supplies from Spain following the adverse weather. However, higher prices resulted in a fall in demand from UK importers in February.

UK potato prices are up year on year. Potato output in the UK for 2016/17 fell 5% year on year to 5.2 million tonnes. Yields in 2016/17 are estimated at 44.9 tonne per hectare, down 8% year on year.

UK banana prices have risen due to a relatively weak pound against the US dollar increasing import costs. The EU has also announced protectionist new trade measures against Ecuador, potentially increasing EU import costs in 2017.

Orange prices have fallen in Spain as producers have started harvesting late-blooming varieties. However, tighter supplies in the US mean prices are higher than last year.

Fruit & vegPrice in GBP per tonnem-o-m %y-o-y %
Iceberg lettuce (price per unit, UK) 1.2 53.60% 220.00%
Tomatoes (UK) 2392 19.00% 91.10%
Potatoes (UK) 214 4.50% 33.80%
Peppers (Capsicums, UK) 2675 9.90% 27.20%
Oranges (ES) 726 -1.40% 18.40%
Onions (UK) 350 -5.40% 15.60%
Bananas (UK) 843 8.40% 14.30%
Pears (UK) 620 2.90% 12.00%
Apples (UK) 770 7.30% 8.40%
Carrots (UK) 305 -1.60% -23.80%