Sultanas and raisin prices remain significantly inflated in comparison with last year, driven by high prices for dried grapes in California. The US crop suffered from poor weather last year and a decline in bearing acreage. Though prices are up on 2017, sultana prices remained relatively flat month on month, while raisins saw a further 2.7% upswing.

Almond prices took a slight hit in July, but remain in growth compared with last year. Concerns over tariffs on US almonds imposed by India and China have contributed to devaluation of the crop.

Production of dried apricots in Turkey for 2018/19 is expected to fall this year, following extensive damage caused by heavy rain and hail in May and June. However, export markets have enjoyed a fall in pricing due to weakened value of the Turkish lira.

An excess in global black pepper supplies continues to weigh down prices within the market.