Source: Booths

It is promoting the scheme with PoS signage and a social media campaign

Booths has introduced a bogof initiative whereby the free items customers usually get are donated to food banks.

Shoppers can purchase products such as hot and soft drinks, cereals, fruit & vegetables and toiletries, and receive a second product that will be given to a local food bank.

About 20 branded and own label SKUs are currently part of the deal, but items involved will “change regularly”, Booths said.

Customers at all 28 of its branches will be prompted to take part in the scheme through in-store point-of-sale signage and gondola-end promotions, as well as a social media promotional campaign.

The retailer intended to launch the scheme in January 2021, but has opted to roll it out early owing to the continued impact of the coronavirus crisis, particularly with the “increased demand” it has seen in previous years for food banks during the festive period.

There is no planned end date for the initiative. Booths said it would continue running it “as long as customers support it”.

It builds on Booths’ Food Bank Donation programme, which has encouraged shoppers to donate groceries to in-store collection trolley points since it was launched in 2014.

“As a family-owned and operated retailer, we have a responsibility to support our local communities, particularly during these unprecedented times,” said John Gill, head of marketing and trading at Booths.

“We hope that the introduction of our Buy One Give One Free initiative will increase the volumes of products that we can donate to our local food bank partners, meaning vital food and hygiene essentials can reach more people in need.”

Colin Porter, customer experience manager at Booths, added: “We were keen to explore ways we can make the donation process easier for our customers and increase the volumes donated. The introduction of the scheme will allow us to get more food to those in need in our communities and essentially minimise food poverty, allowing our customers to make a real, positive difference.

“We’re always overwhelmed by the sheer volume of donations our generous customers make throughout the year as they continue to donate to our permanent collection points in store. I want to thank our customers and colleagues for continuing to help us in providing ongoing support to help local food banks.”