Innovation in a mature market can be a sign of boldness, and Sainsbury is striding away with plans to spruce up the fixture in the run-up to Christmas. It will introduce a ghee to the mainstream market for the first time, and the introduction is timed to coincide with the Hindu Festival of Diwali which begins this weekend. Pure Butterghee, made in Belgium and distributed in the UK by Staple Dairy Products, will be available in 250g green foil packs and retail for 99p. Sainsbury's dairy trading manager Christopher Sellars says: "Sainsbury is keen to support new product development within the range. Butterghee is ideal for frying and for use in Eastern and Middle Eastern cooking, and it can be added to Indian cooking for that authentic taste." Staple Dairies' Philip Sorkin adds: "The beauty of ghee is that it's all fat, so that when it heats in the pan it doesn't go brown. It just gives a good buttery taste. "People usually buy it in a tin from a cash and carry or make it themselves at home. "This product is convenient, it has a long shelf life and is ideal for home freezing." {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}