from Simon Dee, Saxon Road, Winchester

Sir; The home delivery service operated by Somerfield over many years, and still operating in nearby towns such as Hungerford and Basingstoke, has been removed from Winchester.
For a purchase worth £25 at the checkout, shoppers could arrange a set time for a Somerfield van to deliver the goods. This was a very agreeable arrangement, especially for elderly people.
As I was about to write to The Grocer about the service, I bought a copy only to read that Somerfield had bought the Margram retail business (‘Margram eyes further sites’, The Grocer, January 8, p6). Obviously, then, it’s not short of a bob or two, so why treat Winchester people in such a cavalier way?
We are told the annual profits of supermarkets are huge. Do a man and his van really cost too much? What was the annual salary of the MD again?
I trust Somerfield can present an intelligent understanding of a situation that will be rectified.
n Somerfield local events and PR manager Julie Daniels writes: Somerfield’s home delivery service is popular with many customers and we make more than 32,000 deliveries a year.
Unfortunately we have had to cease the free home delivery service from our Winchester store because of lack of demand. We must maintain enough customers to make the service cost-effective and therefore viable. We will continue to review the situation and listen to individuals’ concerns through our customer services department. We regret the inconvenience caused to our Winchester customers.