Expert's verdict...18/25

The packs have eye-catching visuals that appeal to the target market of kids. The packs advise mums of the nutritional value. I'm also impressed by the clever use of the inside pack, which turns into a kids' activity centre with stories, a quiz and colouring. The product has a creamy taste, ideally suited to young children, and conforms to current requirements of no artificial colourings or additives. It has universal appeal, is competitively priced and the Müller branding endorses the quality. The clever use of packaging is an added bonus.

Nigel Ashton, category controller, Nisa-Today's

Consumer's verdict...25/25

?I loved the pictures of animals made out of berries and my mum also thought the designs would catch her eye in shops. The fromage frais tasted really good and had lots of flavour. Some can taste a bit plain but I like the ones that taste of fruit, so these were perfect. I got a second helping because all the ingredients were natural. Mum also thought it was really good quality and a reasonable price. The pots are nice and big, too!

Mitchell Day, 3, Haywards Heath

Overall verdict...43/50

Goodfella's Solos Company: Northern Foods Launch Price: £2.09 for a pack of two Today's Price: £2.09 for a pack of two Acid test verdict: 38/50

According to the producer, the seven-strong Solos range is worth £19m after 12 months, with a 21% share of the £93m kids' and snacking sub-category already beating year three predictions.

Northern Foods said the brand had attracted new users to frozen pizza, adding: "We put the success of Solos down to the brand's relevance to today's consumer, who demands quality and will not sacrifice taste for convenience." In the past year Northern Foods has invested £3.5m in support. It said there would be new developments in 2007.