Here's some advice for anyone who likes to bet on the gees-gees using their own names as a guide - don't.

Staff at Asda's Perry Bar store in Birmingham joined the thousands of Simons across the country who backed a namesake in the Grand National were no doubt sobbing into their hankies at 4.30 last Saturday.

In their case they had put a rather audacious bet on the 100-1 Bob Hall in support of the store's very own Bob Hall who looks after the store's fruit and veg department.

"Bob does a really good job in our store and so when we saw that a horse called Bob Hall was also running it made perfect sense to throw the company's support behind it," said Perry Bar store manager Nigel Palmer before the big race last Saturday.

Fine logic indeed, except that Hall came a cropper at the 19th fence (the horse, not the Asda employee) putting paid to the store's chances of winning a cool £4,000 for their members of staff.

"We are sorry we can't do it for all our workers," added Palmer, "but unfortunately we don't employ anybody called Slim Pickings (which came in fourth) or Comply or Die (who romped home to win by four lengths)." If only...