Asda has regained its number two spot in market share from Sainsbury and signed a deal to cement its low price message in the minds of housewives.

It lost its number-two title four weeks ago when Sainsbury slipped marginally ahead. Latest figures indicate that Asda has tapped its non food strength over Easter, taking a 15.4% share of the market to Sainsbury's 15.1% for the 12 weeks to April 22 [ACNielsen].

However, whether it can hold on to that position next month is uncertain as for the past four weeks it has only come in as the third-cheapest supermarket in The Grocer 33, with Sainsbury beating it for the past fortnight. This week, JS has ten promotions on the 33 items on our list. Nonetheless, the news has been welcomed by Asda. A spokeswoman said that it regarded competition as healthy and added: "We're determined to be the ones to watch over the next 18 months," she added.

Asda also announced this week that it was to take its first step into TV sponsorship in a multimillion-pound deal with ITV's The Price Is Right.

As well as its branding appearing on the opening credits and ad breaks, Asda has secured off-air rights to The Price Is Right, meaning it can use the association in its own ads and in-store to back up its price position. It is also planning a mobile phone text campaign to cash in on the appeal of the daytime show, which first airs on Monday (May 8) and runs for seven months.