Asda took our Grocer 33 shopping basket to a new low again this week, when its Spondon store checked out the full list for £35.69.
The store's new record, beat the all-time low of £35.90 which Asda in Havant produced last month.
Tesco took the honours as Star Performer however, because the Asda store registered Kellogg's Corn Flakes at 98p instead of the on-pack price of 99p and failed to offer help with packing. Tesco's basket in Glasgow was £2.26 dearer than Asda's, but overall customer service was excellent.
Morrisons in Hyde has been revamped since our last visit and impressed our shopper. Many staff have worked at the store from the time it was a Fine Fare, then a Gateway and now are "very proud" of their refurbished Morrisons. In contrast the chain's Killingworth outlet was marked down for untidiness, clogged aisles and for not offering help to pack. But it's full basket was 10p cheaper than at Hyde.
Tesco in Cambridge provided a full basket while Waitrose in Monmouth impressed with its deli counter and Welsh speciality foods display. The wine assistant was most knowledgeable.
Sainsbury's in Plymouth failed to fill the basket because its only large eggs were damaged.
Overall, out of stocks came to three items.