Asda's stockpile of cut-price England football shirts is close to running out after just eight days though with a fortnight until the World Cup kicks off, it wants to "get its hands on even more".

Asda acquired the 48,000 shirts from grey market wholesalers in France and Germany and introduced them to stores for £25 half the recommended retail price on Thursday 20 May.

However, a combination of the hot weather and the televised England match on Monday sparked additional demand, it said.

"We were already 65% sold through on Sunday and as of Tuesday we had 1,000 or so away shirts still online but many stores had sold out," said a spokeswoman. "We couldn't guarantee there would still be some left this weekend. If we could, we'd love to get our hands on even more, so we could ensure our customers can take away a piece of the World Cup without being ripped off."