Asda is to use regular people - rather than professional models or celebrities - in the latest advertising campaign for its George clothing line, after saying it felt "wrong" to pay for celebrity endorsement during an economic downturn.

A trio of public sector health workers in their twenties from London hospitals will be the 'faces' of the new campaign, which Asda said would be "reflective of who the nation believe are the most important people in our society".

"There will always be an argument for using celebrities and big names in fashion," said George brand director Fiona Lambert.

"However, our customers are telling us it's time for a change; it feels wrong to spend money on a celebrity endorsement when times are tough and money is tight. What we have done is saved money and worked out how to pass these savings to our customers by lowering our prices and improving quality and design."

Earlier this year Dove was mired in controversy amid allegations, denied by the company, that women featured in its 'Campaign for Real Beauty' promotional push had been digitally retouched.