Asda brought American parent company Wal-Mart's idea of "sidewalk sales" over to Britain's Asda car parks last week. Electrical items and health and beauty products were flogged from unmarked lorries in the first round of souped up car boot sales at 92 stores. One of the sales at Asda's Lower Earley, Reading store was hailed a complete success by manager of home and leisure Michael Ezecudke. He said: "We had loads of stuff to sell off and most of it went. "We are looking forward to the next one this weekend." An Asda spokeswoman said of the hush hush project: "Trailers that go out to stores in the coming weeks will be branded with the Wal-Mart logo and carry some amazing deals. "They'll have a real market feel to them ­ retailtainment' as Wal-Mart might say." Asda says products from WAP phones and palm pilots to nappies will probably be available off the back of a lorry in its car parks soon. {{NEWS }}