David Hasselhoff took time out of his busy schedule this week to pop into Asda HQ in Leeds in order to promote his autobiography. However, according to Bogof's spies, the king of cheesy US TV was less Hoff than Huff. Publicists had arranged delivery of a replica of Kitt, the car Hasselhoff drove in the 1980s TV series that made his name, Knight Rider, to coincide with the visit. But, on emerging from his limo, rather than concentrating on greeting the hordes of adoring fans waiting to have a word or two with him (or the Asda press office, as they are usually known), Hasselhoff was overheard muttering: "That f***ing car has upstaged me again."

Costcutter, the loveable c-store group based in York, has shown once again that even though the business and media world are always looking to exploit marketing opportunities, sometimes it is not always that important. For two years, it sponsored a young tennis player who some said was going to be 'pretty decent '. Costcutter funded this young fella, enabling him to get the coaching and helping him with expenses for tournaments. That's all that mattered - it was helping a young would-be sportsman to make something of himself. So it didn't get a photograph of him with the company logo. Shame really, because the player was Andy Murray! Bugger.

Northern Foods is taking the healthy agenda to heart by launching a campaign to encourage employees to cycle. It's part of the manufacturing giant's commitment to promote healthy, balanced lifestyles. Corporate services director Norman Pickavance and group sales director Julian Slade are hoping to inspire the company's employees to action by taking part in a charitable cycle ride across the Pennines. It appears with the factory closures and all that, Northern Foods is telling its staff to get on their bikes in more ways than one.