Bogof was in Scotland last week for the launch of Tesco's new eco-friendly superstore at Wick. Unfortunately, when he landed at Inverness at 10pm ready for a 6am drive up to the remote superstore the next morning he discovered his luggage had been left behind in London. Guess which 24-hour supermarket he was forced to go shopping in? That's right, a Tesco. Shopping in the original 'Tesco-town', now with 52% market share in Inverness, he bought a clean set of underwear, a Florence + Fred shirt, toothbrush, toothpaste and shaving kit, as well as a spot of dinner, for under £30. Bargain! And he looked dapper to boot.

Last week was a busy one for Bestway with a 30th anniversary bash on Tuesday, lunch with The Grocer on Wednesday and the FWD dinner on Thursday. Maybe that explains why, at the 30th bash, a bevvy of beautiful women was drafted in to accompany Sir Anwar Pervez et al on to the stage to address the throng. Lucky man.

You've got to hand it to the cheeky chaps promoting British sprouts. Aping that bastion of choccy sophistication, Ferrero Rocher, they sent Bogof four pristine sprouts in the familiar petit fours cases. Now, Bogof is not quite sure whether he'd like to be offered one of these brassica delights as an after-dinner treat to be enjoyed with coffee. But don't be surprised if at a Christmas party you see a sophisticated European lady uttering the words: "Ambassador, wif zese sprouts, you are really spoiling us!"

Nisa-Today's Dudley Ramsden is preparing for a life less interrupted. While meeting the ex-exec chairman and new ambassadorial president in his luxury flat in Canada Water in London, Bogof had to pass through two sets of security gates, use a lift that paused between the sixth and seventh floors, and then had to ring the doorbell three times. Wow: that's what you call security.