Everton and Tesco are teaming up, it seems, to build a new stadium. As with all things Tesco, there's a great business rationale behind the move. Now, after you've done your shopping, you'll be able to nip upstairs to watch Johnson, Arteta et al. That really is what you call a Tesco Extra. But should we be reading more into this announcement? Is there any connection between this collaboration and Sir Terry Leahy being a die-hard Everton fan? Will the Tesco supremo secretly steer the profits of the store into the ailing Premiership club? Of course he would do no such thing. But what about pumping in some of his hard-earned millions to help the club compete against arch-rivals Liverpool? "I think that's very unlikely," said a Tesco source. "Sir Terry is far too prudent to throw money down the drain. He leaves that sort of thing to Sainsbury's." Now there's an idea. Sainsbury's buys Everton Football Club and runs it into the ground. Maybe that would finally ruffle the great man's feathers.

Christmas party season is in full swing. And it was once again an extravagant affair at the annual Wiseman Awards at five-star Fairmont St Andrew's hotel, including Jonathan Ross's mates Four Poofs and a Piano getting everyone dancing and a real-life cow appearing out of nowhere. But the talk of the night was chief executive Robert Wiseman's haircut, or more precisely the lack thereof. Bogof put the heckling down to pure envy of his silky-smooth, flowing locks.

On the subject of hair and indeed Roberts, a couple of weeks ago, Premier Foods chief executive Robert Schofield shaved off the moustache he'd sported for a decade. The fact the deed coincided with Premier's proposed deal with RHM was no coincidence. Apparently, he did it to avoid anyone - aka journalists - recognising him in the City as he negotiated the company's biggest acquisition ever. Clever boy!