You have to feel sorry for Asda after a radio DJ's prank call to one of their stores found its way on to the web this week. The DJ called the customer service desk of Asda in Charlton asking to call out the name of his missing daughter over the store tannoy. The daughter's name was a one Tess Cosis-Cheaper, which was announced twice to Asda customers. One can't help comparing it to a similar prank that was played on Moe, the bartender in The Simpsons, when Bart Simpson cons him into asking a pub full of people for somebody called Amanda Huggan-Kiss.

Milk cartons have in the past been used to find missing persons but they are now being used to find people who are missing, well, human contact. This is the novel approach of a group of farmers who have decided putting their mugs on milk cartons will boost their chances of appealing to the opposite sex. They blame their lack of success with relationships on the heavy demands of rearing and milking livestock. Poor lambs.

Talking of cows, I was impressed with the lateral thinking of a farmer whose Jersey cows began producing pink milk as they ate nothing but carrots. According to the Jersey Evening Post, the farmer solved the problem by growing white carrots. But I can't help thinking that's he's missed a trick - surely pink milk would go down a storm if marketed to children?

Somerfield has developed a trolley that helps you lose weight while you shop. The trolley, which goes on trial this month at stores in London, requires more effort to push and is designed to help consumers burn off twice as many calories during a standard shopping expedition. But don't you already get that with those trolleys with wheels that move in opposite directions, which force you to use your entire bodyweight to propel them?