Coming out from the official London launch of Ocado, the Waitrose online shopping service, in Portman Square this week, I was concerned to see the Hemel Hempstead based posse had parked one of their distinctive vans in a Westminster residents' only parking bay opposite the venue of the press launch.
Someone really needs to have a quiet word about the ways of London traffic wardens or they will never make those one hour delivery slots they promise.
On to Shaftesbury Avenue, where NFU president Ben Gill was was outlining the parlous state of the industry. However, he has been able to find some shreds of consolation in the fact that his own farm is considered rather a haven by our feathered friends.
It seems that the RSPB has been down to Yorkshire and established that the Gill family is harbouring 37 species of birds, 18 of conservation grade.
Meanwhile, pride came before a fall at the BRC crime seminar, when one security service salesman boasted about his yacht during a presentation, and how he hoped some of the audience would become customers so he could buy himself a bigger one.
His presentation went awry when a button stuck, sending slide after slide racing through the projector. A technician came on to rescue the situation, but this only meant the audience got the full benefit of a spelling mistake on one particular slide, where the l' was missing in a heading supposed to read Public Sector Borrowing.
Perhaps he'll come back next year and tell us all about his new dinghy.