Scoring Points: How Tesco continues to win customer loyalty

Tesco Clubcard is the world's most successful retail loyalty scheme. Launched in 1995, it has transformed the company's relationship with its customers, helping it to become the world's most successful internet supermarket, carve itself a slice of the financial services market and reign supreme in the art of customer relationship management.

In this book, a second edition with contributions such luminaries as CEO Sir Terry Leahy and original Clubcard project leader Tim Mason, authors Clive Humby, chairman of dunnhumby, Terry Hunt and Tim Phillips update us on the history of Clubcard. Tesco emerges as very different to the uncaring monolith of media lore. The company responds to its customers more effectively than any other UK retailer and is fanatical about retaining their business. It's quick to tell them when something goes wrong and, therefore, gains their trust. The book also describes how Kroger, a 2,500-outlet retailer in the US, used Tesco's insights to develop its own loyalty programme. and asks whether, with global retailing's increased popularity, loyalty programmes can be effective everywhere, from the US to South Korea.

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