Siân Harrington
Tesco is rolling out truck-side advertising across the country with a campaign that promotes its Cherokee clothing range.
The move is part of a media strategy in which Tesco will test different initiatives using its brand reach and indepth customer knowledge. These new media channels will provide opportunities for third party advertising, existing suppliers and external companies, as well as for Tesco's own brand messages.
The Cherokee campaign, which is being funded by the US brand owner, will appear on 300 trucks.
The digitally printed 96-sheet posters take up the full length of a lorry, and 300 sides will promote the women's range, 150 the men's clothing offer and 150 Cherokee's kids' range.
The fleet of refrigerated lorries are operating out of 10 ambient depots, from Livingston in Scotland to Southampton and from Chepstow in the west to Snodland in Kent. Glasgow-based Agripa is Tesco's sales agency for truck-side advertising. According to director David Macauley: "We need to prove the legitimacy of this form of outdoor advertising. A good comparison is bus advertising which barely existed 10 years ago and now makes up 20% of the outdoor media mix."
Market research company MORI has been brought on board to evaluate the Cherokee campaign. Tesco's data partner Dunnhumby will also be involved in evaluation.
"There is inbuilt accountability, because we can define the route and time a specific truck is out and reference back to store sales data," said Macauley.
A number of brands are already signed up for the truck-side advertising to the tune of over £1m and there are active discussions with others, including companies that do not sell their goods in Tesco stores.

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