Asda has dramatically increased its domination of the chart and stands at number one, a full 12 percentage points ahead of Sainsbury. Asda has a strong Mother's Day theme which most certainly contributes to its position in the chart. The remaining four chains in the chart are more evenly distributed with just six percentage points between positions three and six. In the brand chart Cadbury's comes in at number one and Nestlé at number two. Mother's Day continues to be a theme in all stores, along with the impending Easter celebrations, and the combination has ensured high chart positions for both Cadbury's and Nestlé and will continue to do so for some weeks to come. Nestlé is further supported by the activity on Monsters, Inc. cereal which links to the whole gamut of publicity about the Disney film which is on release now. There are three new entries in the brand chart, including Terry's and Guinness. As St Patrick's Day approaches Guinness will no doubt become ever more prevalent in store to coincide with the Irish theme. Kellogg and Ferrero Rocher have climbed from positions nine and 10 to three and four respectively. Ferrero Rocher concentrates on price promotions aimed at those who wish to buy a gift for Mother's Day while Kellogg has a greater diversity of promotions, including multibuy offers, extra fill packs and price promotions. Positions one, two and three remain the same in the category chart with confectionery, alcoholic drinks and health and beauty retaining the top spots. Confectionery has slightly increased its lead on alcoholic drinks from two to three percentage points. There are two new entries in the chart ­ cereals and soft drinks. In the own label chart chilled has moved up to number one followed by household at number two. There are two new entries in the chart, culinary and soft drinks. l PromoTrack is produced for The Grocer by Logobrand on a weekly basis to highlight the key promotional activity in the top six multiples. For more details log on to its web site: {{GROCER 33 }}