? Tesco is launching a loft insulation service next month that could pave the way for the retailer to enter other areas of the home improvements business, the Sunday Express reported. According to the paper, Tesco would undercut competitors by offering to lag a loft for a flat fee of £199 compared with an industry average of £450, and offer free insulation for the over-70s. ? Unilever and Procter & Gamble have become embroiled in an Office of Fair Trading investigation into allegations of price-fixing. The competition watchdog has demanded that the pair - two of the world's largest fast-moving consumer goods companies - hand over documents and emails as part of a recently launched investigation into claims that retailers and manufacturers fixed prices, The Daily Telegraph reported on Saturday. Both companies have vehemently denied any suggestion of wrongdoing, the paper added. ? A three-year legal battle fought by Gallaher has exposed its own connections with tobacco smuggling and product dumping in the developing world, according to The Sunday Times. Gallaher won its case in the High Court this month against a distributor when it was ruled that the tobacco company had lawfully terminated its contract with Cyprus-based Tlais Enterprises Ltd. The paper said documents disclosed in the case "raised serious questions" about Gallaher's own complicity in facilitating worldwide smuggling. ? Researchers in Norwich are seeking 150 women who are prepared to eat a bar of chocolate a day as part of a study to see whether it improves their health. The volunteers must be past the menopause, must suffer from type-2 diabetes and must already be taking statins to reduce their cholesterol levels, The Times reported. They will also need the approval of their GPs. Post-menopausal women with type-2 diabetes are usually advised to avoid chocolate, the paper explained.